Domain E-mail Administration

This server allows you to administer e-mail for your own domain, using a simple web-based form. You may not only add aliases and forwards, but you may even add your own mailboxes, complete with a POP3 login and password. Also, depending on your account setup, you may add mailing lists and autoresponders. It is suggested that one of the first things you do is add a main POP3 emailbox besides "postmaster" to use for your personal email.

First click the "Add, delete and manage POP/IMAP accounts" link. Then click the "Add User" link. You will be prompted for a POP account, password, and real name. To guard against errors, you must enter the password twice. The POP account is what will be put into the POP3 Username section in your mailer. Then simply click the submit button, and the new POP account will be added. You may enable antivirus scanning and or spamassassin by checking the corresponding box, and set the spam scores at which mail is marked at, and at which it is deleted. Note that if you wish to forward mail to your domain to a remote mailbox, creating a virtual POP user will not help. Instead, skip to the Forward section, and follow the instructions there.

After creating a pop account, view the list of existing POP accounts by clicking on "Add, delete and manage POP/IMAP accounts" on the main menu. From here, you may create new accounts, edit properties of existing ones, or delete accounts.

If you wish to forward mail but keep a local copy as well, this is also possible. After creating the local account as above, click on its name in the list. There will be a "Forwarding on" checkbox. Click it, then fill in both the existing e-mail you wish to forward to, and the newly created e-mail address, separated by commas. So if you created, and you wished to forward to, you would put the following in the textbox.,

Aliases are additional addreses that point at existing POP accounts. To create one, simply click "Add, delete and manage aliases, forwards and a Catchall" from the main menu, then click on "Add Alias" Like the New Pop Account form, you should enter it without the Then click submit to add the new alias. You may wish to make a new alias for Postmaster, and have it be the CatchAll account, instead of creating a new mailbox for personal use, though if you do this, your e-mail user must be postmaster. Leave the password blank, and don't check "admin".

As with POP accounts, clicking the "Add, delete and manage aliases, forwards and a Catchall" link on the main menu will show you the list of aliases. The "modify" button is used to add and remove additional addresses from your aliases.

Forwards send email to the designated to the chosen remote address(es). They are created from the exact same place as aliases, you simply enter a remote address instead of a local one. There is also an "Add Catchall" choice, which is used for adding a catchall account. Again, you specify the mailbox, local or remote, that gets the e-mail. You may forward to multiple addresses by separating them with commas.

Even if you have a catchall you can make any address you want bounce messages by adding a "fail." You do this from the "Add, delete and manage :fail:'s" link, and by clicking on "add Fail". Spcify the mailbox that is to start bouncing, and click "submit". As with accounts and forwards, you can also delete these fom the administration page for them.

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